Your Soul Dreams of Love Come True Book Series

Your Soul Dreams of Love Come True Book Series begins with Lorinda’s spiritual love journal...sharing with YOU all the tools that she has acquired to help her spiritually develop MORE, and of which she used to successfully navigate her first SOUL Cryptic Pregnancy journey...which is written down in Volume 2 “You’re Having a Venus Birth”

Spiritual TOOLS which she uses with her second SOUL Cryptic Pregnancy which she writes about in A Rainwater Book of Kin which is Volumes 4.1 and up in this Series, which is continuing...

The books are all FILLED with HIGH VIBRATIONAL material in the HOPES of bringing you spiritual love and peace during your SOUL Cryptic journey 🌸


Meet the Author


Lorinda N Rainwater

Lorinda is a naturally born spiritual intuitive, and has been doing readings professionally using Oracles and TaroT since age 19 (for 30 years)

She has been called by her SOUL DREAM TEAM, Spirits and guides...

A Divine Feminine 🌸

Cosmos Priestess and LOVE and MAGIC High Priestess...which came through THE CARDS working for The Creative Intelligence Agency Bureau (my title shown to me IN A DREAM! With my office having one of those Hollywood movie doors..with A STAR on IT!) ⭐️

She is available for SOUL Cryptic Pregnancy readings

And also sells LOVEMAGIC Charts from The Book of Destiny which is based on the day of your birth and a deck of playing cards! Lorinda is The King of Clubs - the most psychic card of the deck! ✨

She lives in Oregon where she has been set up by Heaven, for the offering of her metaphysical services, in an old church built in 1892.


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